Yoga Sutra 3.2

2 Apr

Sutra 3.2: tatra pratyaya ekatanata dhyanam

  • tatra = there, in that place
  • pratyaya = consciousness, knowing, explanation, basis, proof
  • ekatanata = eka=one : tanata= continuous, uninterrupted
  • dhyanam = is meditation, meditating on

Translated loosely into English;

In that place (of deep concentration, Sutra 3.1), is the basis of one continuous, uninterrupted meditation (dhyana).

Once the student can fixate the mind continuously, without any interruption, deep meditation is achieved. This state of meditation is called Dhyana. It is important to understand that there are many different states and types of meditation. Dhyana, however, is the deepest state of meditation. The mind is relaxed as there is no effort, and any thoughts are calm and peaceful.


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