Yoga Sutra 2.47

18 Mar

Sutra 2.47: prayatna shaithilya ananta samapattibhyam


  • prayatna = active effort, persevering effort
  • shaithilya = relaxation, laxity, ease
  • ananta = infinite
  • samapatti = coming together, merging
  • bhyam= exterior, outer

Translated loosely into English;

Posture is when active effort relaxes and merging with the infinite occurs.

The student will be relaxed in meditation postures, find comfort sitting for lengthy periods and create the foundation for deeper practices. In Sutra 2.27, Patanjali described posture as freedom from doing, as it is spontaneous, natural and ceaseless. It is the point of resting in the posture and letting the body ‘BE’. As the body is without tensions and at ease, the mind is also calm, allowing for meditation on the infinite.

The opposites reflect the balance necessary in all aspects of life. The need for barriers, limitations or boundaries and the need for openness, compassion and tenderness.

This is a pre-requisite for higher limbs of yoga.


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