Yoga Sutra 2.45

16 Mar

Sutra 2.45: samadhi siddhi ishvarapranidhana

  • samadhi = deepest meditative state
  • siddhi = attainment
  • ishvarapranidhana = devotion, surrender, awareness of Ishvara = God, Supreme Being, Divine, a Deity, Goddess, all names 

Translated loosely into English;

Devotion to the Supreme Being leads to attainment of the deepest meditative state, samadhi.

By means of the path of yoga, the practices and actions there-of, and the permanent awareness of the Divine, the student may attain Samadhi. the student me=ust surrender to the unknown, accept the unknown thus accept the Divine, the sacred, what can not be seen or heard. This is the acceptance of pure infinite consciousness, the essence of all divinity. Patanjali states clearly through the Yoga Sutras, that the student must accept this! Beginners begins with the actions of Kriya Yoga. Intermediate students work through the 8 limbs of Ashtanga. Advanced students work through all levels, encompassing all aspects. 

Although we do not see the stars in the daylight, we accept that they exist. When a room is dark, we know where the furniture and walls are. Thus, in this manner of thought, we accept and surrender to pure consciousness.



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