Yoga Sutra 2.44

15 Mar

Sutra 2.44: svadhyaya ishta samprayogah

  • svadhyaya = self-study, recitation, study of sacred text and/or ancient wisdoms
  • ishta = worshipped with sacrifices, beloved, cherished
  • samprayogah = union, contact

Translated loosely into English;

From self-study of sacred text (svadhyaya) one attains communion with the Divine.

By committing to self-study, the student will be united with that which he/she worships.  Whether it be God, a Deity, a Goddess, or a Supreme Being by any other name, one’s chosen Deity will be revealed. As devotion increases, understanding and knowledge also increase. The more knowledge, the more knowledge of all religions, of all Gods and the ESSENCE of ALL religions and Gods remains.  Leading the student to the same source, pure infinite consciousness.


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