Yoga Sutra 2.43

14 Mar

Sutra 2.43: kaya indriya siddhi ashuddhi ksayat tapas


  • kaya = of the physical body
  • indriya = sense organs
  • siddhi = attainment, mastery
  • ashuddhi = impurities
  • ksayati = possess, be master of
  • tapas = austerity

Translated loosely into English;

Austerity (tapas) destroys impurities, perfects the body and masters sense organs.

The student perseveres through impurities of the mind and body, through challenging practices and tribulations, and weakness. From this, abilities of clairvoyance, astral travel, other esoteric powers arise.  

To be the master of the body, mind and sense organs will destroy all impurities.


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