Yoga Sutra 2.41

12 Mar

Sutra 2.41: sattva shuddhi saumanasya ekagra indriya-jaya atma darshana yogatvani cha

  • sattva = pure subtle essence
  • shuddhi = purification, cleanliness, purity
  • saumanasya= cheerfulness, joy, right understanding,
  • ekagra = one-pointedness
  • indriya-jaya = mastery of senses (jaya=conquer, master)
  • atma = Self
  • darshana = experience, seeing
  • yogatvani = to be fit for, qualified for (relating to yogic study/path)
  • cha = and

Translated loosely into English;

Purification of the pure subtle essence, cheerfulness and joy, one-pointedness, mastery of senses and readiness for knowledge (of self).

It is important to note that Patanjali is still talking about cleanliness (saucha). In the last Sutra 2.40, Patanjali emphasized external and gross benefits, that through cleanliness and purity of body and mind, the student will become disassociated with the body and distanced from others. In this Sutra 2.41, Patanjali states five inner benefits of cleanliness:

  1. Purification the mind subtle essence
  2. Cheerfulness and joy
  3. One-pointedness (for liberation)
  4. Mastery of the senses
  5. Experience of knowing the Self (the student is ready for Self-realization)

Having not identified with thoughts, this new freedom creates a flow of joy, devotion for practice and study (one-pointedness), together with mastery over senses, causing self-knowledge to be revealed. There are no desires or attachments to the outer world, ALL IS FOCUSED INWARD.


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  1. Satya April 14, 2012 at 6:45 PM #

    Thank you!

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