Yoga Sutra 2.38

9 Mar

Sutra 2.38: brahmacharya pratisthayam virya labha

  • brahmacharya = Divine purity, continence/abstinence, chastity, sexual restraint, constant presence w Divine
  • pratisthayam = (sthaa= install) firmly install/establish
  • virya = vitality, energy, vigour
  • labha = benefit, gain, conquest

Translated loosely into English;

When firmly established in constant presence of the Divine, sexual continence or chastity, vitality is gained.

When the powerful sexual energies are not wasted or dissipated, one will have greater strength, vitality and energy. The student is constantly aware of Divine presence, has conduct that is pure and sacred.  The student or householder, may be sexually active or not, may have sexual thoughts or not, has only one partner, wife or husband, is not bound by thoughts of desire, lust or attraction, does not suppress or obsess over sexual activities, understands the nature and energetic powers involved when sexually active.

The student will experience clearer thought and memory, greater freedoms and energy.


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