Yoga Sutra 2.37

8 Mar

Sutra 2.37: asteya pratisthayam sarva ratna upasthanam

  • asteya = non-stealing
  • pratisthayam = (sthaa= install) firmly install/establish
  • sarva = all
  • ratna = jewels, treasure, gems
  • upasthanam = come into the presence of

Translated loosely into English;

When firmly established in non-stealing (asteya), all is jewels.

A student who is firmly established in non-stealing; will not take from others, will not take what is not given, will be punctual as to not ‘steal’ time from others, will not desire excessive wealth or material goods, will not take joy, peace, from others.

The student looks to the earthly world and all beings, with the same awe and beauty one would look at jewels.  With this, good things, material goods or events, will come to the presence of the student. (Laws of Karma)



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