Yoga Sutra 2.34

5 Mar

Sutra 2.34: vitarka himsadayah krita karita anumoditah lobha krodha moha purvakah mrdu madhya adhimatra dukha ajnana ananta phala iti pratipaksha bhavanam

  • vitarka himsadayah = along with intentions of violence to Self and others
  • krita karita = committed or caused to be done
  • anumoditah lobha = agreed or accepted; by greed, confusion or desire
  • krodha moha = anger or passion, delusion
  • purvakah mrdu madhya = previous, weak or gentle, center
  • adhimatra dukha = excessive, misery
  • ajnana ananta phala = unknowledgeable, infinite  fruit
  • iti pratipaksha = thus opposing
  • bhavanam = producing thoughts, manifesting

Translated loosely into English;

Producing thoughts along with intention of violence, to Self and others, approving, causing or committing action is caused by greed, anger or delusion.  Initial thoughts whether weak, moderate or excessive, unknowingly manifests infinite fruition.

Knowingly or unknowingly, thoughts create action. All thoughts, regardless of intensity, is a seed for a fruit of action to manifest. In any form, if one is holding anger, negativity, greed, envy, desire towards an object, it will create the foundation for future suffering.

The quote ‘we are our thoughts’ is described here.  What we think, will be. More validation to start changing our thought patterns to be positive and in the direction of goodwill and harmony.



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