Yoga Sutra 2.33

4 Mar

Sutra 2.33: vitarka badhane pratipaksha bhavanam

  • vitarka = uncertainty, doubt, questionable
  • badhane = opposing, removal, suspended, annulment
  • pratipaksha = opposition, opposite, adversary
  • bhavanam = thought, manifesting, producing, imagining

Translated loosely into English;

Thoughts of uncertainty, doubt (or negativity, pertaining to the Yamas and Niyamas), are removed by [contemplating] the opposite. 

Occasional negative thought leads to continuous negative thought patterns.  The continuous negativity, has an energy that manifests into negative force or action.  This can lead to violence and physical havoc. To recognize that when anger arises it can turn into violence, envy turns into greed, jealousy into obsession, is the key. Once we recognize the cycles of thought, emotion, action, it is clear what needs to be done to remove the affliction.  By imposing thoughts of compassion, peace, love, goodwill, we end this cycle.

A thief or killer, violent person or being, is unlearned, unaware of how to be free of their own suffering.  Rather than using anger towards that person or being, we use compassion that one day they will come out of their anger and suffering.

I understand that all beings, good or bad, are pure consciousness, just like me.

I understand that other beings, sentient and non-sentient, struggle and suffer as I do.

I witness misfortune and the law of karma everywhere, I understand the importance of good will for all.

To remain content, to think positive, to forgive others, to accept challenges, to be open and loving is to be firmly established in practice.

The moment one begins to generate positive thought patterns, the fruits will manifest.

Try it!


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