The Pilgrimage: Paulo Coelho (Pt.1)

3 Mar

It amazing the ways that the Universe speaks to me.  Signs are everywhere when open to receiving them. I had this book years ago, have read several books by Paulo Coelho, but having the book given to me again, I always take as a sign that there are words within I need to hear. I have made note of these below;

Pg27; ‘the path to knowledge is a path open to everyone, to the common people…’ ‘everyone of these practices, without exception, can be discovered by anyone who is willing to seek them out, with patience and perspicacity, among the lessons that life teaches us’ Often these lessons are ‘so simple that people ascribe little value to them’ The true path to wisdom can be identified by 3 things 1. Agape 2. practical application 3. ability to be followed by anyone.

Reflecting on the works of Patanjali and other great teachers, including Paulo Coelho, I can easily see these truths.

‘When you travel, you experience, in a very practical way, the act of rebirth. You confront completely new situations…you don’t even understand the language the people speak, like a child out of the womb. You begin to be more accessible to others because they may be able to help you and accept any small favor from the Gods with delight. Since all things are new, you see beauty in them and feel happy to be alive’ This is so relevant to how I feel about my love for travel and exploration. Paulo Coelho says it so well. A lesson to carry forth wherever I am, in all moments.  To honor every moment of every day as new, to acknowledge connections with others no matter how small as help from above and to be open to the lessons thereof.

‘The work I did not finish is not important and the work I will be able to do after I get back will be so much better’ justification for taking breaks, retreating when needed and rejuvenation as required.

Pg40: ‘It is important to pay attention to the road. It is the road that teaches us the best way to get there, and the road enriches us as we walk its length. You can compare it to a sexual relationship: the caresses of foreplay determine the intensity of the orgasm’ For me, I understand the importance of regarding situations I am faced with daily as lessons. the reason I am where I am today, the environment, the relationship, financial, personal, physical and spiritual, is to learn exactly what I need to in order for optimum growth.

‘See the everyday secrets that because of our routine we never see’

‘Try to find pleasure in…that you’re not used to. Changing the way you do routine things allows a new person to grow inside of you. But when all is said and done, you’re the one who must decide how to handle it’ I currently find it so difficult to be content with my situation, regardless of how grateful I am. Daily I think of ways to tweak my routine, improve my thought and increase my actions. I do know the truth that the only one who suffers, is he/she who regards suffering as suffering.

‘Wherever you’re treasure is, there will be your heart’

Pg52: Paulo Coelho again tells us that the BEST lessons are taught ‘along which any person could walk, that significance could be understood by even the least sophisticated person and that, in fact, only SUCH A ROAD as that could lead to GOD’ AMEN! Paulo AMEN!





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