Yoga Sutra 2.26

26 Feb

Sutra 2.26: viveka khyAti aviplava hana upayah

  • viveka = discriminative
  • khyAti= knowledge, assertion
  • aviplava = uncorrupted, uninterrupted, chaste, pure
  • hana = cessation
  • upaya = means, means of success, that by which one reaches one’s aim

Translated loosely into English;

Uninterrupted discriminative knowledge is the means to liberation and the cessation of ignorance.

Discriminative knowledge is a constant inquiry into the nature of all things, of all phenomenon, discernment between the Seer and Seen, valid and invalid, the real and unreal, essential and non-essential, eternal and non-eternal. By using the clarity of pure awareness as often as possible, until it becomes habitual and permanent. Only when discriminative knowledge is uninterrupted, is liberation viable.

Discrimination begins where the student is at, which can be at gross or subtle level. In every aspect of Yoga it is necessary to maintain the knowledge of the truth, the pure and the eternal. A student who is able to focus intently on the final goal of liberation, and clarity, will cease the battles of Self and non-Self, until only the Self remains.


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