Yoga Sutra 2.25

25 Feb

Sutra 2.25: tat abhavat samyogah abhavah hanam tat drishi kaivalyam

  • tat abhavat = that absence of
  • samyagah = union
  • abhavah = absence
  • hanam = removes
  • tat = that
  • drishti = seeing
  • kaivalyam = liberation

Translated loosely into English;

Absence of the union between Seer and the Seen, removes the Seer from bondage to liberation.

The ultimate goal of yoga is kaivalya, liberation. The student realizes that everything in the macrocosm, the world, the universe, is all an expression of one reality, one consciousness. The student knows unity with all beings, all things.

Once the Seen is removed, there is nothing but the Seer. The Seer is content at all times, no longer in need of external objects, no longer bound by the fluctuations of mind, only strives to aid the liberation of others.


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