Yoga Sutra 2.20

20 Feb

 Sutra 2.20: drashta drishi matrah suddhah api pratyaya anupashyah

  • drashta = the seer
  • drishi matrah = power of seeing
  • suddah = pure
  • api =
  • pratyaya = cause
  • anupashyah = reflection, appear to see

Translated loosely into English;

The Seer is pure consciousness, appearing to change form, yet never changes (only reflects).

The manifest, changeable is not pure consciousness. It is not who we truly are.

On the path of Yoga, most students begins with yoga asanas, drawing awareness to gross manifestations, external environments (wind, noise, music, body), then with increased practice the student may begin to concentrate more on the breath, flow movements as the practice becomes more internalized. Meditating to subtler and subtler states to realize/remember the truth.

Our true nature is always there, always has been there and always will be there.



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