Yoga Sutra 2.9

9 Feb

Sutra 2.9: sva-rasa-vahi vidushah api tatha rudhah abhiniveshah

  • sva-rasa-vahi = own self carrying
  • vidushah = learned
  • api = even, too, also
  • tatha = thus, in such a manner
  • rudhah =
  • abhiniveshah = FEAR, fear of death/demise

Translated loosely into English;

Fear (of death/demise) exists even for those who are learned.

Patanjali states that even for an advanced learned yogi, there is fear, fear of death/demise, fear of some form. Most fears are from past experiences, situations, can be from past lives, as a child, one has little or no fear, if fear is learned it can be overcome. Through right knowledge, introspection and meditation we can face and release fears.


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