Yoga Sutra 2.6

6 Feb

Sutra 2.6: drig darshana shaktyoh ekatmata iva asmita

  • drig = Seer
  • darshana = seeing, knowing
  • shaktyoh = energetic power, force
  • ekatmata = one-nature, one-essence
  • iva = like, appears, similar
  • asmita = Ego-ness, I-AM-ness

Translated loosely into English;

Ego and/or I-AM-ness (asmita) is to perceive the Seer and the Seen as one. 

When the Seer, which is consciousness (purusha) is identified with being the Seer, Egoism prevails. Body, body sensations, organs of action and sense, intelligence, the fluctuations of the mind, all have no awareness of themselves, they only REFLECT.

An excellent example is of a mirror and mirrored reflection. By themselves the mirror and the reflection are neutral, without distortion. When an object is in front of the mirror, it appears to be one with the mirror, but is not one with the mirror. When the object is removed both return to the neutral state. In order to ‘experience’ a reflection and this process, the object must come into the frame of the mirror, be aware of the illusion and then return to the original state.  In a similar way, the student must first recognize the illusions of Maya, the ‘reflections’ of reality in daily life and return to pure neutral awareness-a liberated state.



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