Yoga Sutra 2.5

5 Feb

Sutra 2.5:  anitya ashuchi duhkha anatmasu nitya shuchi sukha atman khyatih avidya

  • anitya = non-eternal, impermanent
  • ashuchi = impure
  • duhkha = suffering
  • anatmasu = non-Self
  • nitya = eternal
  • shuchi = pure
  • sukha = pleasant
  • atman = Self
  • khyatih = misconception, 
  • avidya = ignorance

Translated loosely into English;

To see non-eternal as eternal, impure as pure, painful as pleasant and non-Self as Self are misconceptions of Ignorance.

Patanjali further explains the veil of Maya, illusion. The student must have right knowledge, wisdom to discern between right and wrong knowledge and the constant awareness of true nature (purusha). 

At all times, the student must introspect and question the inner and outer worlds. “What is the nature of anger/love/happiness/sadness/aversion/desire, etc?” It is always pure consciousness. The more a student realizes, remembers and evaluates this truth, the closer the student comes to liberation. 


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