Yoga Sutra 2.4

4 Feb

Sutra 2.4: avidya kshetram uttaresham prasupta tanu vicchinna udaranam


  • avidya = ignorance
  • kshetram = origin, fertile womb,
  • uttaresham = for the others
  • prasupta = inactive, dormant
  • tanu = Self, weakened, reduce, of form, of manifestation
  • vicchinna = intercepted, interrupted, distorted, disconnected, ceased
  • udaranam = rising, ascending, active

Translated loosely into English;

Ignorance is the origin of the others; whether 1) dormant, 2)weakened, 3) intercepted or 4) ascending to active.

The afflictions are present in one of these four states;

1) DORMANT; awakens when the object is present. Example: When I see a cockroach.

2) WEAKENED; partial comprehension and understanding is there. Remaining calm in moments of fear or anguish. Example: When I see a cockroach, I help it outside without screaming bloody murder.

3) INTERCEPTED; one emotion/feeling/thought is intercepted by another. Example: If one will risk life for a million dollars, greed intercepts the fear of death.

4) ACTIVE; Becoming absorbed by the affliction, fully aware of the rising affliction, most commonly it is what pervades the thoughts regularly. Example: Weight/Body issues, Sex/Relationship issues, and Career/Money/Financial Security issues. These afflictions seem small but are extremely powerful.

A fifth state can be recognized as having qualities of discriminative knowledge, the calm awareness that is able to remove the bondage of ignorance and all afflictions.



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