Yoga Sutra 2.3

3 Feb

Sutra 2.2: avidya asmita raga dvesha abhinivesha pancha klesha

  • avidya = ignorance
  • asmita = Ego, Ego-ness
  • raga = desire, addiction, habits
  • dvesha = aversion
  • abhinivesha =  fear (aversion) of death/demise
  • pancha klesha = the five afflictions/causes (are)

Translated loosely into English;

Ignorance, Ego, Desire, Aversion and Fear (of Death) are the five afflictions.

Patanjali tells the student exactly what is to be reduced (in the Yoga of Action).

1. AVIDYA = Ignorance, the opposite of vidya, true knowledge/science

2. ASMITA = Egoism, I-Am-ness that permades humanity

3. RAGA = Desire, wanting what we do not have, wanting more of what we have

4. DVESHA = Aversion, rejecting what we have, rejecting environment,

5. ABINIVESHA = FEAR of Death, Fear of anything,

Yoga Sutra 2.3 is one of the strongest intentions of the path of Yoga. First the student must have awareness to the 5 colorings of the mind on a gross and subtle level. Secondly, the student will begin to question, contemplate and recognize these afflictions on a gross and/or subtle level. Then the student will be able to dissolve afflictions by having the knowledge of them and the practice to erradicate them .



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