DAY 58; 307 Days To Go

8 Dec

I love setting goals, making lists and formulating plans. There are certain aspects to meditate on for the ‘planning-yogi’ or goal-setting-yogi’.

1. It is important to understand the difference between expectations and equanimous-goal-setting. Trying your best to attain a goal without getting too attached to the goal itself.

2. It is important to know that circumstances change, exterior influences to the goal itself may change aspect of the goal.

3. It is important to strive for your own goals. Adapting your goals to suit someone else or having goals that ‘aren’t really what you want’ decreases the energy behind the goal.

Here are some of my own goals;

By Dec 31, 2011; 1. 3 jobs 2. routine 3. increase yoga practice 4. all ‘things’ settled

RE-Solutions for 2012; 1. Develop my Raw Vegetarianism more 2. Be a super Raw chef 3. Be the change I want to see (Gandhi said it best.)

6months from now; 1. Pay off all Debts 2. Sit a Vipassana course 3. Yoga Intensive    4. Better ‘everything’ with Jack

1 year from now; 1. Be teaching yoga on Guam 2. Complete Moon course in Guatemala 3. Sit/Serve a Vipassana course 4. See eclipse 5. Machu Pichu, Peru with Jack


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