DAY 56; 309 DAYS TO GO

6 Dec


Yogic Prayer? Anyone can pray.  Praying is not sectarian, no religious affiliation, all you need is the power of your mind thoughts.


I Need Prayer and I AM Not Too Proud To Beg

I found a job that will solve many of my problems
Pray for me

I need to leave my current position before I get seriously hurt by one of the clients. It is only a matter of time
Pray for me

Today I am sending my resume with a hopeful heart to the place of employment where it has been my dream to work
Pray for me

I haven’t put all of my eggs in one basket, I have also applied for other positions
Pray for me

The job market is so competitive and I feel selfish asking for prayers when so many people do not even have employment
Pray for me

I can’t stay where I am much longer, it is driving me crazy. Literally crazy
Pray for me

Something has to change for the better soon
Pray for me

I am holding on by a fraction of a thread
Pray for me

This job will be my lifeline and a leap into the direction of a more fulfilling life
Pray for me

Pray for me as I pray for you all
Religious background unimportant
All prayers are welcome
All prayers are greatly appreciated
All prayers are returned
Just whatever you do
Please Please Please
Pray for me


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