DAY 47;

27 Nov

I often feel as though I am so different from the people I am commonly surrounded by.  They do not travel, they do not study or read the same things I do.  Conversation is about weather, people or idle events.  I feel as though i am on a different cloud.  Then I re-unite with someone WHO IS LIKE ME!  I AM NOT THE ONLY ONE!

I celebrate Margaux Palau today, my friend who lives and teaches yoga on Boracay in Philippines.  We first met when I worked diving in Perhentian Islands, Malaysia.  We shared a room in Indonesia in 2004 when I worked for Blue Marlin Dive Shop, Gili Trawangan. And have finally crossed paths again when I so needed to be comforted by a ‘soul sister’.  A woman, on a similar path, having triumphed similar challenges, with similar interests, values, knowledge and views. I am so grateful to be filled with light and love of such a friend.

Today I honor and celebrate Margaux.  May our friendship blossom and radiate along the journey.


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