Day 45: 320 Days To Go

25 Nov

My friend Jenn sent me an email telling me of her love woes and wrote, ‘I just want to love and be loved, its that simple.’For some reason this sentence kept in my mind, over and over, like a natural mantra, without effort, repeating under my breath. So I took the time to meditate upon it.  What does this mean to me?  Is this a lesson?  A message?

I think it was.  It ties into the major message/lesson coming through right now.  To just be.  Rest with the essence of what is going on around, every moment of every day.

Within my marriage of ups and downs, lies a love that IS simple.

IT IS THAT SIMPLE! ‘We’ complicate so many relationships, with our preferences, conditioned minds, not liking this or that, however complex, it IS really that simple.

I am married to a man that loves me, no matter what, who will be faithful, no matter what and with me, no matter what.  But my ideas of this exotic life with a yoga/meditation guru for a husband, a fitness fanatic, a creative mastermind, is just my wanting more, more, more.  Which is essentially feeding my misery.

The main lesson here is to HONOR what I am blessed with.  TO LOVE AND BE LOVED.

IT IS THAT SIMPLE.  Let go of my expectations, my ‘this could be better, that could be better, wtf is he doing… and



And yes, never STOP loving.


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