DAY 44: 321 Days To Go

24 Nov

Day 44.

Going to restart at Day 44….

I have now experienced how difficult it is to keep up a blog while traveling. During the camper-van road trip in Australia, unable to post daily during the Vipassana Meditations,wandering the rice terraces of Philippines, now meditating at White Beach, Boracay.

I try to keep the details of my adventures posted.  As far as meditations and yoga, yogic philosophy and studies I do the best I can.

In roughly 44 Days, I have completed the first chapter of the Yoga Sutras.  There are 4 chapters within the Yoga Sutras;

  1. Samadhi Pada; Union with the Divine Self
  2. Sadhana Pada; Cultivation of Spiritual Practice
  3. Vibhuti Pada; Divine Manifestation of Power
  4. Kaivalya Pada; Supreme Liberation

I will begin the second chapter of the Yoga Sutras.

I find my life moves in phases.

Now I am in a meditative phase.


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