Yoga Sutra 1.49

21 Nov

Sutra 1.49: shruta anumana prajnabhyam anya-vishaya vishesha-arthatvat

  •  shruta = having flowed from, coming from
  • anumana = inference, reasoning
  • prajnabhyam = from those kinds of knowledge
  • anya-vishaya = other-perception/category/objects
  • vishesha-arthatvat = distinct-to a particular object

Translated loosely into English;

This knowledge is different from the knowledge gained in scripture, sacred texts or inference, it is directly related to a particular object.

The wisdom gained through direct perception and experience is different to that gained by texts or inference, where meaning is lost through word translation or concepts. When a student experiences directly, doubts are removed, clarity revealed and truth attained, experience is true right knowledge. This reality of truth must be known directly to enable awakening. However, experience alone does not lead to freedom as experience is impermanent. This only better prepares the student for further practices, deeper understandings and enhanced clarity. All of these aspects of experiencing knowledge need to be observed with non-attachment, impermanence and wisdom.


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