Yoga Sutra 1.47

19 Nov

Sutra 1.47: nirvichara vaisharadye adhyatma prasadah

  • nirvichara = without subtle thought
  • vaisharadye = clearness of intellect
  • adhyatma = spiritual, true self
  • prasadah = purity, luminousity, clarity

Translated loosely into English;

From super-reflective samapatti, without subtle thought, intellect is clear and the true self is luminated.

Ability to identify with an object without memory or distraction, without fluctuations of the mind, belonging to one self, the inner instrument. This is the stage after the student has mastered nirvichara. The student achieves clarity and wisdom to perceive reality as it is, having ‘Prajna’ understanding and comprehending on the deepest level. Mind is then a tool, an instrument.  Calm, purified and clear.


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