November 19th

19 Nov

Vipassana Meditation Center Philippines; Satipatthana Course Day8 of 9;

Discourse as given by Goenkaji;

Truth of the Cessation of Suffering.

As slaves to the 6 sense spheres we are bound to suffering.

The 8 Fold-Path to Cessation of Suffering;

  1. Right Understanding; knowledge of misery/suffering, how it arises, ceases and the path to cessation of suffering
  2. Right Th0ught; renunciation, free from anger, aversion, violence, free from killing of all beings
  3. Right Speech; clear, concise, when required. Free from lies, slander, gossip, harsh words, or back-talk.
  4. Right Action; no killing of ANY being, no taking what is not given, no sexual misconduct.
  5. Right Livelihood; for the benefit of all beings.
  6. Right Effort; work for good-will, to prevent negativity in mental, verbal, physical action.
  7. Right Awareness; meditation on Satipatthana Sutta, sensations and impermanence.
  8. Right Concentration; the levels of liberation.

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