November 18th

18 Nov

Vipassana Meditation Center Philippines; Satipatthana Course Day 7 of 9;

Discourse as given by Goenkaji;

D. The Section on the Factors of Enlightenment

Seven Factors of Enlightenment are given;

  1. Awareness (moment to moment)
  2. Mental Content (separate, investigative)
  3. Effort (no reaction, equanimous, ‘do nothing, just observe’)
  4. Rapture (joy, bliss)
  5. tranquility
  6. Concentration
  7. Equanimity

When the mind has become clear, it is like a calm pond, sankaras are like air bubbles rising to the surface to get eradicated and dissolved.

Reactions create more misery, the key is to NOT REACT.

E. Section on Noble Truths

Four Noble Truths;

  1. Suffering
  2. Arising of Suffering
  3. Cessation of Suffering
  4. Path leading to the Cessation of Suffering

What is Suffering? Birth, Death, Old Age, Sorrow, Pain, Lamentation, Grief, Distress, Association with somethng that one does not like, Disassociation with something one does like, not to get what one desires.

Craving arises 1. sensual pleasure, 2. for rebirth or Life, 3. For annihilation/Release from sin/suffering/karmas/misery/actions/thought.

Craving arises at the senses; Consciousness of senses, contact of senses, sensation of senses, perception of senses, reaction to senses, thought regarding senses and sensations, rolling in thoughts of senses and sensations.

We must experience directly, with intellect and wisdom to the final reality in order to fully eradicate and liberate.




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