November 8th PM

8 Nov

Standing at Batad Village, outside Banaue, Ifuago, Philippines

This is where I was standing at 4:30pm today, November 8th. Away from any road, no vehicles here (except feet), no phone reception, no exterior noise but voices, chickens, the odd dog or pig.

Now a situation arose as I was hiking into this unfamiliar territory.  As usual, I was a single white female in an unknown remote area. I love it.  Even the little thrill I get at the beginning and the chuckle I have to myself afterwards. My mother did not share the same thoughts.  On my way hiking in she called.  Being unmindful, I told her exactly what I was doing and where I was, or rather how remote I was.  The sudden shift in the tone of her voice was all I needed to hear to know I said too much, or did I?  The unfortunate part was that the phone reception was going in and out, so I told her I would call in 20 min.  Well in 20 min, I was out of range and remained out of range for 16 hours.  By the time I spoke to my mother again she had all the phone numbers to the local hospitals ready to start a search. Needless to say Mother and Jack were relieved to hear my voice.

The next day however I did not get reception back until I reached the town of Banaue.  So even had I hiked back down to the bottom, I would not have been able to call out, only able to receive calls.

Lesson? If I’m unsure about reception in an area, let people know before hand.


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