November 8th AM

8 Nov

Sagada, Mountain Province, Philippines

This morning as I waited for a jeepney to take me back to Banaue, I was captivated by this picture.  My first thoughts was; heaven. A picture of heaven.  Occasionally I have these moments of intense beauty, so picturesque and I am immediately overwhelmed, trance-like, and have the thought of’ ‘heaven’ repeating in my head. I have no idea why or where it comes from.  It is always random and spontaneous.

This mornings image was much like that.  The color was naturally sepia. The way the sun came through the trees, the bench, the man on the bench, the vague-ness of it, almost surreal.

I stared into this picture for sometime, captivated.

I am grateful to be able to share this moment.


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