November 6th

6 Nov

Harbour View, Manila Bay, Philippines.

Another 10 Day Vipassana course is completed. 

I made a wonderful friendship with Ms.Rekha Lutfun Nahar.  She was serving with me for this Vipassana 10 day course, stayed in my room and I enjoyed all the time spent with her.

One of the first things I noticed about Rekha, was her soft-spoken English.  She speaks so delicately it is beautiful in itself. She is so polite, kind, thoughtful and charming.  She generously welcomed me to her home and to lunch as soon as we left the Meditation Center. To my surprise she brought me here for lunch, the Harbour View restaurant, which has wonderfully sweet Iced Tea, of which I had 2. Oh and spectacular views of Manila Bay.

It was one of those lunch dates that I miss. That I rarely have.  Where the conversation flows.  We shared about past, present and future.  I believe that connections such as these, which are instant and strong from the start, are destined.  Meant to be. Often in meditation I believe I can sense what we have to offer each other.  Usually support, direction, advice, suggestions. An outside opinion and perspective to a situation.

What did I learn from Rekha thus far? She asked if I had a sister? Yes, a few, half-sisters, step-sister, why? Then she told me that in her tough times, she reached out to her sister.  At this moment I thought about Anjili.  My spiritual sister. My brother. Yes, I could use these people to talk to. I shall.

The other part of our conversation that struck me was about motherhood.  That although she said it is not a regret, it IS a once in a lifetime experience to be a mother, a birth-mother or surrogate-mother or ‘mother’ by any means. The process of caring, nurturing and unconditional love.  That bond. I wish to be a mother when the Universe deems it time. Perhaps I should include her in my motherhood journey when it arises.

Rekha makes me smile, laugh and I feel good in her precense.

I honor and celebrate her today.


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