November 5th

5 Nov

Vipassana Meditation Center Philippines Day 10 of 10; Noble Silence ends.

Today after the 8-9am Group Sitting, Noble Silence ends.  It was actually quite amusing.  As soon as the teachers left the meditation hall, a male student stood up and erupted with speech.  It was as though he barfed words.  I didn’t understand what he said but the entire room chuckled.  It was very amusing.

This continues for most the day.  Sharing of experiences.  Everyone wanting to know everyone.  Thank-yous, exchanges, laughter, emotions, smiles, tears and it is very powerful.

Usually at this time I prefer to keep to myself.  To remain in that silent space. Or at least a gentle quiet one.  I keep to my accommodation or serving duties.  I prefer not to small talk at this time.  Feel more like nurturing to be honest. I often feel emotional and fragile. An ending is among us.


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