November 1st

1 Nov

The first night of the 10 Day course, I was told I would be Course Manager. Of course, any promotion (at first) is joyous. 

 I soon realized it would be more work than I bargained for.  I was present for the student orientation but could not understand the Server orientation as it was given in Philippino.  Thus, it was not as organized as it could have been from the start. Lesson #1.

Being given the duty of Course Manager was a challenge.  There are definitely ways I will improve my next serving experience; 1. Delegate and clarify duties from the beginning, 2. Review Code of Dhamma Workers/ Servers daily (I think this should be mandatory for all courses), 3. Better management of time. 

1. Delegate and Clarify who will do clean-up/wash-up; I observed there was an imbalance of duties.  Some servers doing more, others less.  This resulted quite naturally in sickness and over-tiredness. 

2. Review of Code of Dhamma Workers; In 2 serving experiences the same things tend to happen.  Noble silence turns into Noble chatter much more than necessary and is disrupting to me, my experience and meditation as well as disrupting to other servers.  I was comforted when a fellow server confided to me that it was much more chatter than was necessary and she had expected.  I agreed.  I think by reviewing the Code of Dhamma Workers daily, servers might be more mindful of Noble Silence in Serving.  Awareness that it is disrupting, mindfulness in motion.

3. Better management of time;  Food prep., meditation times of servers beyond what is required should be made clear before hand.  I prefer to meditate each 4:30-6:30am sittings and do required duties later in the day. By clarifying this with all fellow servers I can get the most out of my future serving experience.

Lesson#1; Organization, clarification and understanding from the beginning is beneficial for increased success in any endeavor.

Lesson#2; If you can not change others, change yourself first.

Lesson#3; Like Gandhi said, Be the change you wish to see. Set an example.


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