October 27th

27 Oct

Vipassana Meditation Philippines Day 1 of 10;

Here I find myself in another 10 Day Vipassana Meditation Course.  My first course outside of India.  the Philippines.  I am quickly reminded why I love it so much.  The peacefulness.  The silence.  The tranquility.  The comfort.  Nothing else matters except for this moment, this space, what is happening here on my meditation cushion.  (By the way, I love my meditation cushion, well worth the 200 Indian Rupees).

Day 1 teachings introduce the student to observation, mindfulness and awareness.  Observation of the breath called Anapanna.  Breath awareness.  Not changing the breath in any way.  If it is shallow, it is shallow.  If it is fast, it is fast.  ‘Nothing Doing’. Just observing.  If the mind wanders, it wanders.  Again, observing the breath. This continues for Day 1-3.

Vipassana students observe the tendencies of the mind, the monkey mind.  Jumping here, there and everywhere. Future or past. This story or that.  Experience or imagination. Going  everywhere but where we want it to be, observing the breath.



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