DAY? What Day is it?

25 Oct

Driving over 3000 km from Sydney, Australia to Cairns.  Avoided the overflowing creeks and heavy tropical rains last week. Made the flight back to Guam.  Had 3 days to post my work visa for the US, as I finally received the visa to ‘live’ in the US. Packed my things for 6 weeks in the Philippines, forgetting a few items in the rush, and off I went to the Guam Airport again.

I arrived into Manila at 9pm last night (Oct 24th), and went straight to bed.  If the sun is down, it is my bed time.  I like to rise and fall with the sun. 

So this morning I was blessed with a wonderful view from the house I am staying at.  I am told that during the typhoon, the water rose 60ft, flooding the place I was standing!  Incredible!

I am heading to the Vipassana Meditation Center, Philippines now to help prepare the dorms, meditation hall and areas for the 10 day course!


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