DAY 45: Yoga Sutra 1.45

15 Oct

Sutra 1.45: sukama vishayatvam cha alinga paryavasanam

  • sukama = subtle
  • vishayatvam = being restricted to, occurring only in
  • cha = and
  • alinga = without a mark, having no imprints
  • paryavasanam = end, conclusion, extending up to, ending at

Translated loosely into English;

I really need to take this translation from Gregor Maehle ‘Ashtanga Yoga’.

Evolution and involution of subtlety begins and ends in nature, unmanifest prakriti.

It is said so well and so openly.  I picture a lake so calm, from it the ripples arise, only to fade back into the stillness of the calm waters once again. 

The 4 types of Samapatti extend to unmanifest prakriti, the nature of all objects, after that meditation is objectless.  In pure consciousness there are no objects, thus there can be no subtleties.


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