DAY 43: Yoga Sutra 1.43

13 Oct

Sutra 1.43:  smriti pari-shuddhau svarupa-shunya iva arthamatra nirbhasa nirvitarka

  • smriti = calling to mind, memory
  • pari-shuddhau = clean, accurate
  • svarupa = similar
  • shunya = empty
  • iva = nearly, almost
  • arthamatra = half measure,  half of an amount
  • nirbhasa = like, similar appearance
  • nirvitarka = unreflecting

Translated loosely into English;

When memory is purified, it appears almost empty of its own nature and only the reflection of the object remains.  This is called nirvitarka samapatti.

The mind has become one-pointed, extremely focused and aware.  All forms of labeling, conditioning, identification, opinions have ceased.  The student has the ability to call on past knowledge or to refrain from it.  The mind does not retrieve information from the past and does not readily compare the present moment to the past.  This state introduces the student to a new freedom, to use memory and conditioning or not.

One that lives from memory, lives a life that appears dull. 

One that lives from the present, lives in a constant state of new, vibrant awareness.

A playful nature, like a child, innocent and open.


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