DAY 41: Yoga Sutra 1.41

11 Oct

Sutra 1.41:

ksina-vritti abhijatasya iva maneh grahitri grahana grahyeshu tat-stha tat-anjanata samapatti

  • ksina = weak delicate        vritti=mind, modifications of mind
  • abhijatasya = learning, purified    iva=reflect, like, similar, nearly
  • maneh = crystal      grahitri = perceiver        grahana= grasping
  • grahyeshu=grasped    tat-stha=assuming the color of any near object
  • tat-anjanata=that which is not clear/naked/revealed
  • samapatti= comes together/assumes an original form,

Translated loosely into English;

Mind reflects any object that it is directed to like a crystal, whether it be the perceiver, the perceiving or the perceived, it assumes the color of any near object, although not completely revealed, it comes togther and assumes the oringinal form.  This is called samapatti.

When the student is able to easily practice Ekagraha (One-pointed) meditation, the next stage of inner concentration is called Samapatti. This is a lower form of Samadhi where the mind appears to reflect any object but not completely. Images, sound is always slightly distorted from its original form to be accurately seen or heard or understood.  Mind also constantly projects the past onto the future, having been colored from previous experiences from birth and past lives.  The mind is then constantly comparing to the past, staining the truth and distorting reality.

To realize this altered reality, this reflected reality is Samapatti.


A mind like a crystal is a tool: Just like the last sutra, this too is a sign of a trained mind. When the mind is like a crystal, it has no coloring of its own. It means that when you place your attention on some inner object, such as a samskara or deep habit pattern, your mind field is able to fill with awareness of that object. Having the mind be like a crystal is not the end unto itself, but allows the mind to become a still subtler tool.


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