DAY 39: 326 Days To Go

9 Oct

Off to Guam Airport in a few hours for the 2 week trip to Australia!

I traveled to Australia in 2003 for the first time, the usual one-year work visa thing.  I had been working in Asia as a scuba instructor for 3 years when I went and planned to check the dive/work situation in Oz.  What a crazy time that was!  I rode a mountain bike along the Great Ocean Road from Melbourne to outside Warrnabol with a friend. (I love cycling and would Love to do another road trip) Then ended up getting a job in Mission Beach teaching diving. Worked there for a few months then Cairns then left.  Came to Guam for the first time on route to Bali and worked on Lombok for a long time.

I am looking forward to this trip.  Camping in a Backpacker van.  Seeing new places. Doing yoga in some new places, some classes and getting a breath of fresh air.

One of the things I actually miss is fresh cool morning air.  Ahhhhhh! Can’t wait.

Had a great day on the beach today, last bit of sun before heading off.  I have lots of things to do still so I best be off.

Bon Voyage to moi.

May my journey bring new light into my soul.  May my soul awaken, breath, run free and dance, laugh like it used to and bring forth the Wild Woman within.  May I see clearly in every moment and be present.  May I release all fears and sadness.

May I be Blessed.



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