DAY 35: Yoga Sutra 1.35

5 Oct

Sutra 1.35:  visayavati va pravritti utpanna manasa sthiti nibandhani

  • visayavati = directed to objects of sense, that which is having sense experience, sensual experience, a specified subject
  • va = or
  • pravritti = subtle thought, intelligence of, higher perception
  • utpanna = product, arisen
  • manasa = the     conceived in the mind
  • sthiti = position, undisturbed calmness, stable tranquility
  • nibandhani = bond, firmly established

Translated loosely into English;

Awareness directed to that which is having sense experience has intelligence of higher realms and brings stable tranquility to the mind.

In addition to calming the mind through control and awareness of breath, the mind is stabilized by focusing on specific senses.  The student can focus on each of the five senses or simply observe sensations of the body as they arise.

Concentration on the senses cultivates a focused mind, deepens awareness, the student can directly experience impermanence in relation to the sensations of the senses. Too often we are reacting to our senses without needing to.  We experience sensations when we walk into a room, meet someone for the first time, these are all under the sense experience.  To heighten awareness it is important to practice sensitivity to such areas.


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