DAY 34: 331 Days To Go

4 Oct

Self-Reflection on Various Modes of Suffering 

I have made this entry to help dig deeper within, as a reminder, as a ‘check-in’, to contemplate my thoughts and opinions whatever they may be. I intend to use this as an aid to overcome challenges.

Impermanence;  How do I feel about Impermanence?  What are my views?

I accept the principle of Impermanence.  I understand the cycles of birth, life, death, rebirth.  I understand that there are cycles in all aspects of life.  I embrace change.  I embrace the moment.  I accept that this moment will change.

Fear;  What do I fear at this moment?  What do I fear in life?

I fear abandonment.  I fear hopelessness.  I fear loss of love.

Doubt;  What do I doubt?  Perhaps in ways I doubt mySelf.

I believe that there is truth within all things, within reason.  I believe truth is best learned by experience.  I believe that there is not only one truth but perhaps many.

Ignorance;  How am I uninformed and ignorant?

I believe in learning as much as possible. I believe ‘A little knowledge is better than none at all’. I believe in clarifying my own uncertainties. I believe wrong knowledge may be worse than having no knowledge at all of an object.

Egoism;  How do ‘I’ follow my ‘I-ness’?

I understand that I am NOT limited to the Ego, to my conditioning, to time, to the stories of my life, my environments, etc. I am pure awareness at my core, always have been and always will be.

Desire;  What do I desire?  What am I attached to?

I feel I am attached to my desires to be abroad, to be travelling, to be ‘free’.

Aversion;  What do I run from?  What do I escape?

I run from my fears.  I run from vulnerability.  I escape from facing ‘nothing’.


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