DAY 32: Yoga Sutra 1.32

3 Oct

Sutra 1.32: tat pratisedha artham eka tattva abhyasah

  • tat = that
  • pratisedha = obstacle to obtaining desired object, warding off, prevention, neutralization, denial
  • artham = having an aim in view, for the purpose of, in order to
  • eka = single, (ek) one
  • tattva = truth, principle
  • abhyasah = practice, habit

Translated loosely into English;

A single-focused practice in order to neutralize obstacles and distractions.

Commitment to practice, cultivating non-attachment and one-pointed focus is crucial to developing a serious meditation practice. Patanjali suggested the repetition of ‘AUM’ and/or contemplation of Ishvara in cultivating mind focus but there are many other methods of one-pointedness (ekagraha).  Increased awareness in daily life, observing actions or speech, focusing on positive attitude, path of Yoga and/or similar objects are all useful in concentration and can be focused upon.

The student is made aware in this Sutra not to dabble in different techniques, but to find which methods work best and use those methods intently.  This will slowly transform the student into a true Yogi or Yogini.


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