DAY 29: Yoga Sutra 1.29

29 Sep

Sutra 1.29:  tatah pratyakcetana adhigamah api antaraya abhavacha

  • tatah = therefore, from that, from that time
  • pratyakcetana = one whose thoughts are turned inward
  • adhigamah = study, attainment, knowledge, understanding, realization
  • api = also, even, too
  • antaraya = obstacle, impediment
  • abhavacha= nullity, removal, scarcity, overcome

Translated loosely into English;

From that, (repetition and contemplation on ‘AUM’), comes knowledge to remove all obstacles and impediments.

The student that is devoted to the mantra of ‘AUM’ will gain the wisdom necessary to overcome obstacles along the way to Self-realization.  The mind fluctuations are stilled by intense devotion to the mantra repetition and contemplation on ‘AUM’.


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