DAY 29: 336 Days To Go

29 Sep

“Help me to perform whatever miracles you want of me today.”

Prayer for Energy and Good Health

Dear God,

Thank You for this moment in which I connect with You and Your Infinite Power.

As I read this, my energy—which is really Your energy—attains a higher vibration that fills my body, mind and emotions.

I am filled with Your energy, O God, and it is Divine.

I feel Your energy building within me. Strong and pure, it is unstoppable.

Limitless, Your love builds and builds within me.

Stronger and stronger, everything it touches is transformed.

All illness, all fatigue is washed away, as in a Holy storm.

I am new and renewed, my body humming with the joyful imprint of Your touch.

My increased vibration imparts amazing power to my intentions.

The power of my mind is multiplied exponentially by all who read and speak this prayer.

As my energy rises, so does the energy of humanity’s Collective Consciousness.

Together we speak now as one gigantic and irresistible force for good as we affirm our intention to rise higher.

Together, we are stronger and more powerful than any lower energy attractor field can ever be.

United with You, WE are an unstoppable force of joy!

As our spirits rise, the energy of humankind makes a quantum leap into attractor fields of love, healing, abundance, joy, wisdom and peace,

This level of energy, which is closer to you, has miraculous effects on us and the world.

We are held in Your arms as we make this transition.

We FEEL the increase in positive energy and it feels wonderful.

We are soothed and comforted.

Elated and filled with new life, we make choices aligned with Your love.

And as I am drawn to thoughts and activities that strengthen my Divine Connection with You, my life is energized with new, exciting purpose.

I wake each day in joy and authentic dedication.

I am safe in progressing to a more joyful level where I know everything is possible in You, O God.

I affirm that Jesus said: “Ask and Ye Shall Receive; Knock and the Door Shall Open.”

All doors to joyful living are now flung open.

I radiate joy through my smile.

My energy is an unstoppable force of good, for You are my Source.

I vibrate at the level of love and Divine Power.

My mind is clear.

I rise each day full of joy, energy and gratitude.

I know how to live today and every day in greatest glory to You.

Thank you, God, for this gift that feels so wonderful.

I love my life, and I have abundant energy to live it.

And so it is.


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