DAY 27: 338 Days To Go

27 Sep


And we call on the Great Nameless One:
Hear us, oh Friend!
To whom, in our mortal sight,
We have given names to the
Nameless Nameless.

Through the countless eons of time
We cry out through millions of throats,
And in our one voice we call to:

Mazda; Christos; Allah; Incal; Yaweh; Krishna; Tao;
Wakanka Tanka; Isis; Ishtar; Adonis; Tammuz;
Sheba; Baal; Asherah; Demeter; Chomo Lung Ma;
Ra; Astarte; Venus; Aphrodite; Hathor; Ganesha;
Set; Dana; Adonai; Shekina; Ceres; Balder; Kore;
Hera; Ahura Mazda; Shin Mu; Chicomecoatl;
Shiva; Car; Rhea; Zeus; Apollo; Jehovah;
Buddha; Vishnu; Sita; Quetzalcoatl; Maat; Tara;
Athena; Odin; Loki; Kali; Durga; Minerva; Sophia;
Juno; Thor; Matres; Freya; Osiris; Horus; Rati;
Maya; Melchizedek; Diana; Neter; Orpheus;
Serapis; Mithra; Dionysus; Shakti; Njord; Bindumati;
Tiamat; Python; Themis; Helios; Christ; God; Kauri;
Cerridwen; Chu Chulainn; Magna Dea; Kwai Yin;
Heracles; Galatea; Eurynome; Artemis; Cunti; Hina;
Elohim; Nin-Eveh; Feronia; Cybele; Gaea; Ma.

To you, oh Nameless One, we have given more names
That we have forgotten than we can remember,
And we say: Please, hear our call,
We, who are the little friends,
Your servants, who live and work
To go with and not against.

a universal prayer – matthew yrigoyen

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