DAY 22: Yoga Sutra 1.22

22 Sep

Sutra 1.22: mridu madhya adhimatra tatah api vishesha

  • mridu = weak, gentle, mild, slow
  • madhya = middle, medium
  • adhimatra = excessive, intense, stong
  • tatah = therefore, due to that, resulting from that, from that
  • api = also
  • vishesha = individual speciality, definate, extraordinary, distinction

Translated loosely into English;

For those with intense conviction and keen practice, there are 3 subdivisions of practice mild, medium and intense.

Yoga Sutra 1.21 and 1.22 refers to 9 different types of determination and practice. Yoga Sutra 1.21 lets the student know that the fruits of practice will be obtained quicker if the intensity of practice is strong.  Yoga Sutra 1.22 lets the student know the various levels of determination, efforts and practice.

Mild Determination + Mild Practice / Mild Determination + Medium Practice / Mild Determination + Intense Practice

Mediocre Determination + Mild Practice / Mediocre Determination + Medium Practice / Mediocre Determination + Intense Practice

Intense Determination + Mild Practice / Intense Determination + Medium Practice / Intense Determination + Intense Practice

These various levels of eagerness to practice gauge how quickly attainment will be obtained.  I can certainly agree that at times I have changed from a mild practice to a strong practice, some days are weak, some fervent. I do know that either way, I am headed for the same direction.

Mild practice + mild conviction = Attainment gradually, slow to gain merit

Medium practice + medium conviction = Attainment is attained quite quickly

Strong practice + strong conviction = Attainment will be immediate, definite and direct

It is important for every student to understand that they can attain success regardless of intensity of practice or the fluctuations of conviction.

A good student displays eagerness, effort and acceptance of present moment trials.


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