DAY 20: Yoga Sutra 1.20

20 Sep

Sutra 1.20: shraddha virya smriti samadhi prajna purvakah itaresham

  • shraddha = (zraddha) belief, trust, faith, true, to believe in
  • virya = energy, vigour, power, courage
  • smriti = (smrti) call to mind, memory, thinking of or upon, mindfulness, rememberance
  • samadhi = deep state of concentration/meditation/consciousness
  • prajna = wisdom, intelligence, well-known
  • purvakah = previous, earlier, prior, former
  • itaresham = the other people (yogis)

Translated loosely into English;

Freedom (objectless Samadhi/asamprajnata samadhi) is preceded by Faith, Energy, Mindfulness, meditation and Wisdom for those not born as Yogis.

This Sutra outlines the key personal commitments needed in life as well as to follow the path of yoga.

FAITH;  Conscious faith in the Goal. Faithful certainty on the Path of Yoga. Learning by direct experience will enhance trust in this Path. An inner knowing that this IS ‘my life purpose.’

ENERGY; Directing energy towards practices of Yoga, study, meditation and determination.  Knowing when to replenish energy, balance energy and give energy.

MEMORY; Remembering the commitment to the Path of Yoga. Thinking about the fruits of the journey when the struggles and challenges are overbearing and times are dark. Repeatedly calming the mind, cultivating an open compassionate attitude and maintaining mindfulness at all times.

MEDITATION; Commitment to meditation practices.  Learning the modifications of the mind, observing and deepening the journey.

WISDOM; The real knowledge gained through experiences of meditation, study and retrospection.

Inspiring steps to follow on the Path of Yoga.


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