DAY 19: 346 Days To Go

19 Sep

Confession;  I am having a cry-day. (Yes.  Another one.)  I had a great morning.  Up before dawn as usual, to the park, little run with an even bigger sweat, walk, talk to Mom on the phone, nice weather. I check out the Governors Complex for the first time (lovely!), some yoga, come home and CRY?!  And the crying has been with me the whole day.  Had a little nap.  More crying.  Shower.  More crying.  Talk again with Mom.  More crying.

The problem?  In my previous life (before marriage) I was an adventure traveller, cum Yoga Meditator.  Now I am a struggling Wild Woman, struggling wife, struggling soul.  I feel I have ‘lost my pack’, ‘lost mySELF’, and ‘lost my way.’  I know ‘God has a Plan for me’ and I know I am ‘right where I am supposed to be.’ But for how long?  I cry almost everyday now.  I am waiting for a US Visa to come though between NOW and September 30th.  Not too long, but each day feels like a year.

If I had a million dollars and could go anywhere, what would I do?

1.  I have to admit Mandrem, Goa was exceptional, so perhaps there.  More Yoga.  Get Hula Hooping again. Maybe a visit to the Sivananda Ashram in Kerala to bring back the Wild Woman.

2.  A 2 week Detox, Yoga Retreat in nature or the mountains.

Anyways here are todays yoga pics;


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