DAY 18: Yoga Sutra 1.18

18 Sep

Sutra 1.18: virama pratyaya abhyasa purvah samskara shesha anyah

  • virama = pause, stop, end, leave,
  • pratyaya = consciousness, intelligence, proof, explanation, cognition, cause
  • abhyasa =  habit, drill, custom, practice, mantra repetition
  • purvah = previous, former, before this, ancient, already, preceding
  • samskara = imprints in the subconscious,
  • shesha = remaining, leftover, balance
  • anyah = other thing

Translated loosely into English;

Objectless samadhi (asamprajnata samadhi) is the other form of deep concentration wherein no object is focused upon, fluctuations of mind have ceased and only imprints in the subconscious remain.

In this state of asamprajnata samadhi, concentration is on no object, there are no thoughts or mind modifications, I-am-ness/Ego-ness and all sense of Self is surpassed, leaving only residual impressions.  These residual impressions are called Samskaras; the result of every action, thought, attachment and aversion.  Samskaras are triggered by specific experiences, recall or through meditation. Imprints can be very fine, easily removed or can take lifetimes to eradicate. An example of Samskaras is when certain situations in life keep repeating themselves over and over.

We begin meditating on physical attributes, concentrating without fluctuation.  this is lower Samadhi.  Then begins meditation without content, without object, only Bliss.  Then concentration becomes more and more subtle until you reach the final state of meditation, Dharma-Megda-Samadhi.  This state of absolute openness, intelligence is still, uniting with your true nature, residing only in this pure consciousness is a permanent state of being.  At this stage seedless Samadhi is forthcoming, when all Samskaras have been removed or deleted from the subconscious.


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