DAY 15: 350 Days To Go

15 Sep

Woke early 5:12am to be exact.  Am not only striving to become a Yogini but also more of a runner.  So up early to run at Asan Beach Park.  After my run I went touring around looking for a good place to do yoga, which is tending to be distracting.  Why do I really NEED to go to such lengths to find ‘the perfect spot’?

Ended up at Fish Eye Beach Park, having done a 1 hour loop from my original location.

Did 5 Sun Saluation A, 2 Sun salutation B, Standing Series, a few sitting postures and a few balance postures.

Feeling better each day.  My energy is coming up.  the more I feed my energy, the more alive I feel.  I find my environment to be quite draining.

Look forward to tomorrow.

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti


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